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Our OnSITE Management : Developers of Newly Built Apartment Communities can find a DISTINCT ADVANTAGE from hiring their management externally. Building a successful team from the ground up can take time--and time is Money.  

Our company can help with Advertising and Lease-Up.  As well as offering you the qualified experience of being Fully Optimal Day One. We can staff an onsite office and already have a trusted Maintenance Team at Your Disposal.  If you prefer, we can even arrange to hire a designated maintenance team.  We can manage your property Full-Time on our current software platform OR yours; as well as provide you with tailored Reports to your needs. 

Parrish Realty Property Management offers Subdivision and HOA Management.  We offer this service for builders of New Subdivisions as well as existing Subdivisions whose Board Of Directors are looking for more Full-Time Home Owner Association Management