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Ready To Apply?
Please Read Instructions Below CAREFULLY

What you will need to apply ONLINE:


1.  Basic personal information.

2.  Contact information (current phone number, address, email)

       (Each applicant will need a separate email address.  You may not use the same email
                                     address for more than one applicant.)

3.  Current employer & contact information.

4.  Current/Previous landlord contact information (family members cannot be used).

5.  Emergency contact person and their information.

6.  ALL of the names and contact information of those who will live in the unit.

       (List all names of anyone that will be living in the unit, including all children.  Anyone OVER the age of 18,
                                       will  be required to fill out an application.)

7.  30-days of your most recent pay stubs.  Letters from employers will not be used.

       (Please email pay information to

8.  Make, model, color, and license tag information of all vehicles.

9.  Criminal history information, if any.

10. $50.00 Application Fee.  NO CASH - Certified check or money order only.


* Any application(s) missing information will not be considered until

all required information has been received.*


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