Full Service


Our Full Service Property Management offers the Complete  Landlord Experience and Maximum Protection of  your most prized asset.  

Finding a tenant and collecting rent is one thing but managing tenants while they are  in your home and managing How They  Exit Your Home Is Another.  This is Our      #1 Recommended Property Management Service For Rental Homes in Raleigh, Cary and through-out the Triangle..

We also Offer this service for HOAs and Apartment Communities.


A Full Service Landlord is The Most Recommended Service for Rental Home Owners.  However, For Owners that want to attempt Land-lording, we can Help You Find A Good Tenant.  A Background Check and A Credit Report are only one part of screening a potential renter.  

Almost 50 Years renting to thousands of people---experience has taught us to know the Signs of A Problem Tenant.  Just because they pay their rent on time--doesn't mean they won't maintain a filthy home.  Just because they have a lower credit score doesn't necessarily mean they won't pay their rent.  



While a Lawyer is always the Best Option, Hiring a Property Management Firm can be a cost-effective way to Evict A Tenant. Having A Full Service Landlord keeps the Rental Process Smooth Year after Year.  However, if an investor or Homeowner is stuck with a bad tenant, we can offer our experience to help remove tenants--Legally.  

Don't lose a case because you don't understand the process! 

Parrish Realty Property Management can assist with Processing A Tenant Eviction and even appear In Court on your behalf so you don't miss a day of work. We offer eviction assistance in Wake County, Johnston County, Nash County and Franklin County.  Submit Details in Our Contact Form.

NOTE* Parrish Realty Property Management in NO WAY advertises the practice of Law. Only that we are able to represent Homeowners that have hired us to assist in Evictions/Small Claims Matters.